Life With a Vision: Do You Live or Survive?

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y mind always wanders, like many of you, between words and definitions that make great contributions to our mental stability, not only because of what these words mean and imply in our personal lives, but also the implications they partake on the ones we love the most.

Within this group of words, is the word vision. This word has created on me a great curiosity lately, since I have discovered that many people for many years, including myself, have misused the words, mission and vision, without being aware of the implications that they generate on a personal life in general.

Therefore, let’s start by having a clear concept of what a vision is?

The origin of the word is Latin. It is understood as the action of seeing or understanding phenomena clearly, as well being able to foresee events in order to make the right decisions. For me it is something else: it is something for which people will remember you when you are no longer around. It is what is put on your tombstone in the place where you are buried, it is what you have done different or extraordinary for which you will be remembered always.

Three types of people can be found in life. Those who don’t even know if something is happening, others who ask what happened, and finally those who make things happen. Clearly, it can be inferred that whoever has a vision belongs to the third group: when your life has a well-defined meaning, that is, where you are going, thus your reason for being tired after a hard workday, or study, etc., is another day you get closer to your dream, to your vision, otherwise you will be the poorest person since people will never be successful if they ignore what they want to be prosperous on. It hampers does their destination.

What to Do, 7 Steps to Achieve Your Vision

  • Identify your talent. You have a gift that makes you even more unique. Let’s accept it: we cannot be good at everything because if we were like this, we will be “a learner of everything and a master of nothing.” He, who discovers what he was born for, and what he is good at in life, has a happy future.
  • The most unsatisfied person is the one who has a vision and does not know how to achieve it. That frustration cannot become our modus operands or existing life; we have to live day by day free of it to make a difference between living or existing.
  • When you have a vision there is never enough time for all you desire to accomplish. By changing your mind from a negative or closed mind, without real desire for change, is not prone to any achievement. In fact, Mark Twain, magically writes in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and says something like that when Tom’s owner sees that he cannot bend him, Tom tells him: “You will have my body to lacerate it, but you can never ever have my body. soul and my heart, I am free in my heart, you will not bend my spirit”. You are free when you know what you were born for, when you know what your purpose is. “He who has a a why to live can bear almost any how.”
  • Each person has a unique vision. Comparing yourself to anyone is simply losing your focus. Is letting envy takes you out of focus, or like N.Bonaparte stated : “envy is a declaration of inferiority”. Just concentrate on your “what” and “how” , and then give yourself the right to recognize your limitations in order to have a balanced purpose in mind.
  • Each person should be known for his/her vision. The real question to ask yourself is: How am I going to perpetuate my name? How will people remember me once I am gone?
  • Each person is responsible for enlivening his/her mission. Your gift has to have a clear direction: focus, and just get ready, study, read, study and study. There should never be a day in which you go to sleep without having learned something. Get competent, “with all your might non-stop focus on how you might succeed”
  • One who has a clear vision, subdues people. Knowing what you were born for, makes you different from the rest. You have a body language that reflects your vision. Insecurity, not only distances you from your goal, but it alienates others. Where there is no clarity, there is no goal.
  • Write your vision, along with:
    · What does it consist of?
    · How much is it worth?
    · What are you going to do to achieve it?
    · How are you going to achieve it?

Whoever has a vision deserves to be put on paper, then having a flight route assures you a clear and planned destination. Your goal awaits you!!!!!! Go for it.

Alicia Donovan