It is not the name of the disability is how it impacts all of us!!!!

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here are lots of reasons we parents get worried about our children when they are showing signs of a possible learning disability, or a behavior that we consider is not “normal”.  In that moment we all start struggling and looking for help and answers at school, with friends, and physicians, in order to be as proactive as possible, and at the same time to find the answer to our despair.

Most of these answers come with a diagnose. The name of what is making us feel very worried about our child is what we come up with. That name or diagnose leaves as in different stages that go from denial, anger, regrets, depression, all the way to acceptance, and thanks to that acceptance is that we go to the stage I consider the most important one:

the stage of real answers.

To receive a diagnose is not to learn the name of the disability, is to understand the scope of the disability, how this disability will impact the child, the family, the relationship with friends and the community in which he/she interacts. All these answers are the real foundation for a new life for your child and for your family.

Thus, my advice for all the parents when they receive the results of an evaluation is to ask, among many questions, the following:

  • What is the origin of the disability/difficulty/problem?
  • If we have another child, is it possible he/she will have it too?
  • What does it mean to have what he/she has?
  • How can we explain the situation to the rest of the family so they can be as supportive as possible?
  • How is it going to impact his/her learning process in and out of school? Please give us concrete examples
  • How can we explain teachers what he/she has so they can help him/her at school according to his/her needs?
  • How can we explain others what he/she has so his/her social interaction can improve?
  • What changes do you suggest we should/must implement at home, school, family , including close relatives?
  • Do you recommend medication? If so, which ones and please explain the side effects?
  • Which organizations do you recommend in our community that are of great support for parents and children?

Please, do not feel intimidated by anybody, just ask as many questions as possible so in that way you can be the real bridge between your child and the rest of the world.  You love your child, what a great way to show yourself and others, that you understand what he/she feels and what he/she needs to succeed in life.

Alicia Donovan