Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service covered under my health insurance?

My services are not typically covered under health insurance for the moment.  Please see your insurance provider for specific questions.

Where do you work with my child, in our home, the school or in your office?

I work in each of these setting to ensure a holistic application of your child’s specific intervention plan. For one on one work with at the family home I’m available after school during the week, evenings and weekend by appointment.

Where do you perform the initial evaluation?

The initial evaluation of the child is done in the child’s home setting. Upon completion of the initial evaluation I will follow up with the school to perform additional assessments. The results of these assessments will constitute the foundations of a holistic intervention plan specific to your childs needs.

Do you work with our child’s medical or mental health doctors?

I do work with mental and health doctors. My role is to be the bridge or point of contact between your child, family, school system and doctors. In this way I can assist in the critical role of advocate for your child. It is imperative that you child’s holistic intervention plan is efficiently managed across these participants.

Will you / can attend parent teacher conferences?

My participation in parent teacher conferences is critical to the success of your child’s holistic intervention plan. My role is to advocate for your child, to ensure that your child’s teachers and the school system are following the specific guidelines of the holistic intervention plan. The information provided during a parent teacher’s conference is fundamental to adapting the intervention plan in conjunction with your child’s progress.

What age children have you worked with? do you have any age limitations?

I have an extensive background working with children from 3 years of age to young adults enrolled in university. 

I’m divorced and have shared custody of my child; how do you approach this situation and what additional challenges does it present?

My passion and my work are focused on the child’s success and well being, in this not uncommon scenario it is critical that all parties unite to support and ensure child’s success.

The additional challenges are represented in the amount of evaluations that need to be carried out depending on the settings the child spends his/her time.

How much time per week do you require / recommend?

During the initial phase of the holistic implementation plan (development and implementation) I would recommend two engagements per week. Once implementation is complete and the plan is solidly in place a once weekly session is sufficient. As positive results are seen and all vested parties in agreement a monthly session is optimal.

I am / we are working parents with difficult schedules. Do you offer evening or weekend sessions?

I do offer flexible schedules, which can include early morning, evenings, weekends.