My job as social emotional academic coach is to be the helping hand for a student, his family, his caregivers and his school, to provide them with the individual adequate tools the child needs to achieve short and long-term goals.

Family behavior intervention plans
In class students/teacher’s functional behavior assessment
In class and at home behavior interventions
Assistance with school accommodations and modifications


  • Identify red flag behaviors for possible learning difficulties, disabilities and/or behavioral issues.
  • Identify their academic strengths and learning style to boost them.
  • Assist them with physical, academic, social and emotional modifications and accommodations inside and outside the classroom to help them achieve long and short-term goals.

Family / Care Givers

  • Assist them at home and at school with physical, social, academic and emotional modifications and accommodations for the entire family.
  • Design for the child an individual behavioral academic plan to be implemented and monitored at any setting.
  • Accompany families when visiting the physician/mental health provider to help them implement and supervise the guidelines provided by him/her.

Physicians / Mental Health Providers

  • Be in constant contact with physicians in order to report any issues relevant according to the child’s diagnosis.
  • Gather the information doctors request from school and/or the different child’s settings.
  • Keep track of behavioral academic data to be reported when needed.


  • Accompany parents as an advocate for both, the parents and the family.
  • Report and train teachers with modification and accommodations, either at academic or behavioral level.
  • Make Functional Behavioir Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plan for school, keep track on them, and implement changes when needed.   
INTEGRALEDU - Special Education, Bilingual Coaching